Recurr is a growth team.

We bring product, design, and marketing expertise to your early-stage b2b saas journey.

How can we work together?

We engage with teams in either of the two models:

Seed Science

A 6-month long engagement where we set up growth infrastructure and processes from 0 to 1 for you. This costs $40K and the next batch starts January 2022. Here is what you can expect us to do:

Single projects

We work with startups to work on individual projects as well. These could be things like setting up a new publication, building a new website (copy+design+dev), building investment or sales decks, etc..

What else does recurr do?


Saastitute is our publication for the b2b saas world where we aim to democratise access to practice knowledge from some of the top operators in the industry. We also add resources, research, and news from the world of SaaS to make you smarter about saas.

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Growth Apprentice Program

The growth apprentice program is a 6-month paid internship for young and ambitious talent in India to break into the SaaS industry. It consists of hands-on experience on live projects, 1:1 training, industry connect, and working with our core team to build expertise in SaaS.

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Building Brandcurry for DTC

Our love for the direct to consumer business model and the new generation of brands adopting to it led us into exploring the biggest problem of internet born brands - discovery. We are putting together our learnings to launch a b2b saas product that will help DTC brands get discovered and build deep relations with consumers. This comes after we built

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What else?

We have worked with B2B SaaS companies like GoComet, UserExperior, Goodera, HippoVideo, Romulus, Elevate, PazCare, Work on Grid and more since we started in April 2020. Feel free to reach out to us to understand what we can do for you.


Reachout at for any queries.

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